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Our mission is to co-create homes that people are proud to live in by being accountable for the success of the project.


We believe that every neighbourhood can benefit from revitalization, every project is unique, and every client deserves quality.

- Adam Tassone, Owner


Skyward Homes is an Edmonton-based infill builder. Founded by Adam Tassone in 2017, Skyward Homes grew out of a desire to do more than just meet the minimum industry standards.


Prior to founding Skyward Homes, Adam was working in the home building and real estate industry. As a detailed-oriented individual, he wasn’t satisfied with the quality of some of work being put out there, so he set out to do more with a promise to bring higher quality, unique, and creative projects to Edmontonians.


Skyward Homes has been delivering on that promise ever since.


Striving for excellence beyond normal standards.


Recognizing that every project is one of-a-kind, and an opportunity to do better.

Success is measured by how happy and satisfied our clients are with their home.


Our five core values guide every project we work on to ensure success. 


We work hard to continually foster positive relationships with all of our clients, so that everyone is seen and heard.


If we run into a challenge, it's on us to find a solution. 


Choosing what is right over what is quick or easy.

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