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Garage Suites


A Garage Suite, often referred to as a Laneway Home, is a separate living space above the garage. With separate access to the living space, the resident will have privacy from the main home. Garage suites are typically 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom residential units with an open concept living room / dining room / kitchen. There will be full laundry facilities as well as storage in the unit. Garage suites do not have their own title and are built on the rear portion of the property, generally very close to the alleyway.

Why a garage suite?

Building a garage suite or laneway home is a fantastic means to generate additional revenue, have the convenience of extended family live close by, while still maintaining the privacy of the primary dwelling. It is a great opportunity to build a new garage, obtain potential monthly revenue, all without the disruption of a renovation or new build of the primary property. The City of Edmonton supports garage suites as a means to provide affordable rental housing.

The Process

  • Dream

    Skyward Homes will be involved from the idea stage onwards. We will set a consultation appointment to confirm all the details of your project.

  • Design

    Our designer will work with you to design a garage and suite which fits your budget, fulfills your needs, and adds value to your property. Accomplishing all of this while offering a trendy, modern look to your suite.

  • Build

    The construction process will be managed exclusively by Skyward Homes. You’ll be provided with regular updates on the construction process, and have the opportunity for input along the way.

  • Live

    Upon completion, you’ll have a walk-through with our Site Supervisor who will review each aspect of your garage suite. At this time, your new suite will be turned over to you.

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